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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Scene we'd like to see (in the U.S.)

Here is a scene (see photo below) we would be highly unlikely to see in the U.S.  Folks across the Big Pond have been engaging in a spirited debate on the (crazy) idea of a Trident replacement. 

Wouldn't it be great to get some serious money behind a campaign like this to stop the next generation of ballistic missile submarines right here at home??? 

Just think!!! A new generation of U.S. Trident subs (that will cost nearly $100 billion just to build) sailing the seas until the year 2082 (we should all survive so long without a nuclear war breaking out). 

Just how does a whole new generation of ballistic missile submarines (each one bristling with nuclear armed missiles) reduce the risk of nuclear war?  Oh yeah - deterrence.  How does it serve the process of global disarmament under existing treaty obligations?  What message does it send to other nations, both nuclear and non-nuclear?  How might this money (and all the rest spent to maintain and operate Trident) be better spent???       

And just how much did our (the U.S.) government spend on nuclear weapons while you waited for your bus (or perhaps while waited at a stop light) today???

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  1. Leonard, the ferries run PSAs for a variety of Bainbridge Island nonprofits. I don't know what the policies are, but that would sure get a "boatload" of exposure (sorry, couldn't resist - OK. maybe I should have)... Connie