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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Thermonuclear Fable for Our Time


You probably never thought you'd see rock videos at The Nuclear Abolitionist.  Well, check out this brilliant rock video by The Decemberists, called "Calamity Song," written for their recent album "The King is Dead." 

As a New York Times music review describes it,
The video, which made its online debut on Monday, depicts the playing of Eschaton, a game invented by [David Foster] Wallace that he describes about 325 pages into [his novel] “Infinite Jest.”    

Adolescents from a New England tennis academy are seen ritualistically serving balls on a court onto which a map of the world has been superimposed. The balls, which represent five-megaton nuclear warheads, are aimed at objects labeled as military targets — power plants, missile installations — while a lone child oversees the game from a nearby computer terminal.       
Powerful music, visual imagery and message!  As Stephen Kobasa said, it's "a visual fable for our time," and we had certainly better give it serious consideration.



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  1. Vandenberg Air Force Base / Space Command has set the date of the next hydrogen bomb delivery system (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) Minuteman III for World Peace Day Sept 21
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