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Monday, November 30, 2009

Break Down the Walls Standing in the Way of a Nuclear Weapons Free World


The Nobel Peace Laureates held their 10th World Summit in Berlin, Germany this month.  Their Final Conference Statement titled, "Breaking Down Walls For A World With Peace And Justice" is a powerful statement, presenting the world with all the elements necessary to break down the barriers to a just and peaceful world.  The statement leads off with how to break down the "walls that stand in the way of a nuclear weapons free world."

Much of what is in this document is within our reach as citizens of the world.  Each of us can help break down the walls that stand in the way of a world with peace and justice.  For example; we can advocate for full implementation of our nation's obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.  The Nobel Laureates' Statement can serve as a compass, guiding us in our work for a world with peace and justice.  You can read the entire statement below.





The Nobel Peace Laureates, representatives of non-governmental organizations and youth representatives, gathered in Berlin on 10-11, November, 2009, having considered the historical implications of the fall of the Berlin Wall and global developments during the 20 years since then, call on the international community to break down the national, international, personal, and institutional walls,

Walls that stand in the way of a nuclear weapons free world by

◦ achieving a paradigm shift from counter-productive and excessive militarization to collective security based on cooperative initiatives to address global threats,

◦ fully implementing the non-proliferation and disarmament obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and all other international agreements on nuclear weapons by all members of the international community,

◦ negotiating a new convention for the universal and verifiable elimination of nuclear weapons,

◦ supporting the successful conclusion of the initiative of President Obama and President Medvedev of adopting a new agreement on nuclear disarmament and its successful implementation,

◦ supporting the UN Secretary-General’s five-point plan on nuclear disarmament,

◦ respecting the rules of international humanitarian law and adopting the conventions banning indiscriminate weapons such as landmines and cluster bombs.

◦ addressing the root causes of regional and global conflicts to assure that the security of all states can be safeguarded without nuclear weapons;

Walls between rich and poor by

◦ mobilizing all necessary national and international resources to achieve the full implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, and by

◦ using the current financial crisis to construct a new global economic system that will be fair for all mankind and that lays the foundation for a strong, sustainable and balanced growth through the creation of decent work;

Walls between cultural, religious, and ethnic communities by

◦ calling on the UN General Assembly to convene an international conference on minority rights, with a view to strengthening protections of the rights of religious, cultural and linguistic minorities;

Physical walls or barriers that separate or isolate people in various parts of the world and limit freedom of movement and the possibilities of communication by

◦ breaking down walls and barriers such as those that divide Palestinians and Israelis; North and South Koreans; and the people of Kashmir as well as by

◦ addressing the reality and perception of the fears of aggression and terrorism upon which such walls and barriers have been constructed;

Walls that stand in the way of the crucial need to combat climate change by

◦ ensuring the success of the upcoming Copenhagen conference in securing firm international commitment to effective global action as expressed in the (attached) special statement of the Summit, and by

◦ assuring sustainable development that will enable mankind to live in harmony with the fragile global environment and with each other;

Walls that stand in the way of inter-generation justice by

◦ including youth and youth-led organizations effectively in the decisions concerning their future, and by

◦ ensuring active dialogue and communication between generations.

The Summit also calls on the international community to build bridges based on our shared values, vision and humanity. It also calls on all people to show love, compassion and toleration in their relations with one another. In this spirit we recommit ourselves to the Charter for a World Without Violence which articulates our vision for a world with peace and justice.

Note:  Click here to read the Nobel Laureates' Final Conference Statement, including the Special Statement on Environmental Issue.

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