"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest." — Elie Wiesel

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Peace In Every Step

Dear Friends,

Here is an announcement of a very special event - an interfaith peace walk to take place this January in Washington State that coincides with Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Vigil at the Trident nuclear submarine base. This is one of many peace walks that the monks from the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple on Bainbridge Island have led in recent years. Each step the walkers take is dedicated to peace, and in this walk, to a nuclear weapons free future.

If you live near one of the legs of the walk, consider joining for any distance.

May each step we take bring us closer to peace,




The Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Island Dojo will lead an Interfaith Peace Walk beginning January 11, 2009 and ending on January 19 on Martin Luther King Day as an opportunity for people to come together in a non-violent, spiritually motivated action to reclaim the future. Peace walkers will average about 15 miles per day, and you can participate in any part of the walk. It is open to all who sincerely believe in extinguishing the violent fire of nuclear annihilation, and believe in the equality of all human beings. Peace and Joy.

Sunday, Jan. 11 - International Day for Shut Down Guantanamo Action in Tacoma (Stay overnight at Tacoma or Bainbridge Is.)
Monday, Jan. 12 - The day for preparation & Meeting at St.Leo Church, Tacoma 7-9pm
Tuesday, Jan. 13 - Peace vigil at the Federal District Court in Tacoma (for Pastor Anne Hall, Fr.Bix & Tom Karlin)
Wednesday, Jan. 14 - Tacoma to Lacey
Thursday, Jan. 15 - Lacey to Olympia
Friday, Jan. 16 - Gig Harbor to Bremerton
Saturday, Jan. 17 - Bremerton to Seattle
Sunday, Jan. 18 - Suquamish to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor/ Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Monday, Jan. 19 MLK Day Action

You are welcome to join the walk for any amount of time.
This is a spiritual walk; NO Drugs or Alcohol allowed.
Also, bring your own dishes and cups for eating and drinking water, and rain gear.

For further information contact Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Island Dojo at 206-780-6739, or 206-356-4362 (cell), 206-383-9487 (cell), 6154 Lynwood Center Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110, or Tacoma Catholic Worker Guadalupe House 253-226-9605 (cell),
senji@nipponzan.net, gzperez@juno.com or peterguadalupe@hotmail.com.

Sponsored by :
Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Island Dojo
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
Tacoma Catholic Worker
Lake Forest Park for Peace

Learn why the peace walkers are participating in the January 13th peace vigil at the Tacoma Federal District Court by clicking here.

Learn more about the International Day for Shut Down Guantanamo Action at Tacoma Catholic Worker.

Learn more about the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day vigil at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor at Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action. For the schedule of Ground Zero events on the 19th, CLICK HERE.


  1. Hi Leonard; thank you for this post. I'm also grateful to Senji-san for adjusting the start date of the walk to include time together at the Monday, Jan. 12 evening vigil at St. Leo Church in preparation for the federal trial of 3 civil resisters who are bringing attention to the criminality of nuclear weapons. St. Leo's is at 710 South 13th in downtown Tacoma (corner of South Yakima Ave. & S. 13th St.; enter parking from Yakima Ave. at S. 14th street.) Other information about the trial & the action that precipitated the charges is at http://tomkarlin36.googlepages.com/TridentVisitation. Peace, Laura